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Sinn 103 Ti Ar Review

Sinn 103 TiAr
First posted by CPM on February 29, 2000 at 15:18:54: on www.timezone.com TZ Classics Forum Number: 1212
After endless nights with coffee, english dictionaries and a watch, the review of my two year old Sinn 103 TiAr is finished and online.

Omega Seamaster GMT

Omega Seamaster GMT
First posted by CPM on April 18, 2000 at 15:26:14: on www.timezone.com TZ Classics Forum Number: 1213
Ladies and gentlemen please start your browsers! There is a new bandwidth wasting review on the air. If you are afraid of nothing and don't know any relatives (german saying ;-)) please visit.

Hippies glorious Sinn 303 Review

Sinn 103 TiAr
A different type of review. Sinn 303 Drivers Chronograph or about Two great 'drivers toys'

Hippies shiny Sinn 6000 Review

Sinn 103 TiAr
Sinn 6000 Finanzplatzuhr

Hippies first Review the Sinn 6015St

Sinn 103 TiAr
also back Online... The classic elegant Chronograph.


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Jul- 2008
I managed to get a fresh Entry-Page Design. The Reviews still stay in the old, no Design Style ;-)